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There are many opportunities to enjoy mountain biking or touring on Bozeman, Montana's city streets or the many single-track mountain biking trails in the area.

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  • There are many opportunities to enjoy mountain biking or touring in and around Bozeman.
  • Trails are available for both touring bikes and mountains bikes.
  • Bozeman has numerous bicycle shops.
  • You may want to hire a local guide who can help you explore all the great mountain biking opportunities in the surrounding area.

For a change of pace and a fun way to get to know the area, try exploring Bozeman, Montana and the surrounding area on a bike. The town is bike friendly with bike lanes and routes set out through the residential and commercial areas. If you want to leave the city, you may elect to arrange for a mountain bike tour of the adjacent foothills and mountain area.

Where to go biking
The following is just a sample of the many trails and pathways available for bicycle use, both touring bikes and mountain bikes.

Emerald Lake/Heather Lake

  • Trail Location - South of Bozeman down Hyalite Canyon road, about a mile past the waterfall.
  • Trail Type – 100% single track mountain bike trail.
  • Distance – out and back 9 miles
  • Skill Level – advanced skills

West Bridger/Foothills Road

  • Trail Location – Found on the north edge of Bozeman along the western flank of the Bridger Range.
  • Trail Type – Mountain bike
  • Distance - 13.7 total miles
  • Skill Level - Easy to moderate.

Sourdough Ridge Loop

  • Trail Location - Located on the east edge of Bozeman's city limits.
  • Trail Type - 1.6 miles on paved road; 1.9 miles on singletrack or gravel path.
  • Distance – 3.5 total miles
  • Skill Level - Mostly easy, with two short but strenuous climbs.

Gallagator Trail

  • Trail Location - Located in Bozeman, running southwest from South Church to the Museum of the Rockies on Kagy Boulevard.
  • Trail Type - An easy, off-road family ride in town; duck ponds; Museum of the Rockies.
  • Distance - 2.2 total miles
  • Skill Level – Easy

Sourdough Creek Nature Trails

  • Trail Location - Located on the south edge of Bozeman, running south from Kagy Boulevard near the Valley View Gold Club to Goldenstein Road.
  • Trail Type - An easy off-road family ride near town along a beautiful stream, with good opportunities to see wildlife, especially birds.
  • Distance - 4.3 total miles
  • Skill Level – Easy

Leverich Loop B: Hyalite Canyon Road

  • Trail Location - Located 9 miles south of Bozeman in the foothills of the Gallatin Range.
  • Trail Type - Fun singletrack with ample adrenaline rush opportunities.
  • Distance - 9.4 miles on paved roads; 5 miles on gravel roads open to traffic; 1.5 miles on singletrack - 15.9 total miles
  • Skill Level - Easy to moderate

Rental & Fees
Rather you are in need of repairs, supplies or need to rent a bicycle, you can find what you need at one of the numerous bicycle shops in Bozeman. Check with the local shops to find deals on rental equipment and repairs.

Hire a Guide
You can always go it alone, but for a true outdoor bicycle adventure, you may want to hire a local guide who can help you explore all the great mountain biking opportunities in the surrounding area.

Safety Precautions

  • Always make sure that you wear helmet and other necessary safety gears for the conditions that you plan to ride in.
  • Always ride on open and approved trails.
  • Never ride beyond your control.
  • Slow down around blind corners.
  • Carry necessary equipment.
  • Plan ahead: Know your equipment, your ability and the area in which you are riding- and prepare accordingly.
  • Be self-sufficient at all the times, keep your bike in good condition, and carry necessary supplies.

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