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Shields Valley

East of Bozeman, a drive through Montana's Shields Valley offers spectacular scenery of alpine tundra, wide green valleys filled with wildflowers, and high mountain peaks, as well as opportunity for uncrowded recreation.

  • To experience spectacular scenery and uncrowded outdoor recreation in the Shields Valley, Montana, consider driving the Shields Valley loop East of Bozeman.
  • Shields Valley, MT is nestled between three mountain ranges, the Bridger, Crazy, and  Absaroka Mountains.
  • Located in the Shields River Valley, the Anzick Archeological Site is the oldest archeological dig in North America.


Approximately 30 miles from Bozeman, Shields Valley, MT lies north of Livingston nestled between three mountain ranges.  In addition to breathtaking scenery, this sparsely populated area offers solitude for those seeking outdoor recreation in the Shields River Valley.


East of Bozeman and north of Livingston, the Shields Valley rests between the Absaroka Mountains to the south, the Bridger Mountains to the west, and the Crazy Mountains to the east. The Shields River winds leisurely through the floor of the Valley.

The Route

From Bozeman, travel east on I-90 to Livingston.  From Livingston, continue north on Highway 89.  The majority of Montana's Shields Valley's outdoor recreation is located along this stretch.  North of Clyde Park, look for Highway 86 on your right, which will bring you back through Bridger Canyon to Bozeman.


Outdoor Recreation
The Shields River is a prime trout stream, so you can take some time to cast your line into the pristine waters. Alternatively, blow up your raft and take a ride down the waters. In the winter, when white fluffy snow covers the area, the Shields Valley, Montana is an excellent site for snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.

The Anzick Archeological Site
The Anzick Site, dating back 11,500 years ago, is the oldest archeological dig in North America and known for being the largest cache of Clovis-age artifacts and oldest human burial in North America.  This site can be found near Wilsall and was discovered in the Shields Valley River Basin in 1968.