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Featuring breath-taking scenery, wildlife viewing, outdoor recreation, and historical sites, a variety of scenic drives and loops can be accessed from the Bozeman area.

Bozeman Pass

Located between the Bridger and Gallatin Mountains, Bozeman Pass lies along Interstate 90 / U.S. 191 between Bozeman and Livingston.  In addition to a major travel route, travelers and locals alike enjoy spectacular scenery and opportunity for viewing wildlife.

Bridger Canyon

Just minutes north of Bozeman, Bridger Canyon accesses the Bridger Mountains and Gallatin National Forest.  Famous for the annual raptor migration, Bridger Canyon also offers ample outdoor adventure, such as ice-climbing, skiing, biking, and hiking.

Gallatin Canyon

Majestic Gallatin Canyon and Gallatin River are popular with outdoor enthusiasts from Bozeman and outlying areas.  Horseback riding, fly-fishing, and cross-country skiing are just a few activities accessible from Highway 191, which winds through Gallatin Canyon, connecting Bozeman to Big Sky, West Yellowstone and Yellowstone National Park.

Paradise Valley

Nestled between the Absaroka Range and the Gallatin Range, Paradise Valley extends from the Yellowstone gateway community of Gardiner at the south end, to historic Livingston on the north.  Visitors and locals alike enjoy the 53 miles scenic drive along Highway 89 through Paradise Valley, often stopping to soak in a hotspring or to fly-fish world-class waters

Madison Valley

Madison Valley and Highway 287 provide access to the world-famous fly-fishing spots on Madison River, the town of Ennis, a variety of lakes, and mountainous scenery.  Beginning slightly northwest of West Yellowstone, Madison River Valley winds north through the the Madison, the Gravelly, and the Tobacco Root Mountain Ranges, ending at Three Forks and Missouri Headwaters State Park.

Shields Valley

East of Bozeman and north of Livingston, the Shields Valley scenic loop features views of the Bridger, Crazy, and Absaroka Mountains, outdoor recreation, and the Anzick Archeological Site.

Trail Creek Area

Located in the Gallatin National Forest, Trail Creek begins only seven miles east of Bozeman.  An alternative route to the towns of Emigrant and Chico Hot Springs, the Trail Creek Area offers numerous hiking trail heads and a glimpse into the area's past.

Jackson Creek Area

Approximately one hour, the Jackson Creek Loop begins and ends in Bozeman, combining a spectacular canyon on I-90, Jackson Creek Road, and Bridger Canyon.  This scenic drive combines breathtaking scenery with some unusual local attractions, including a Grizzly Bear Sanctuary.  Many visitors end this excursion 'off the beaten path' with a hike or wildlife viewing in Bridger Canyon.

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