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Jackson Creek Loop

Approximately an hour of driving time, the Jackson Creek Loop begins and ends in Bozeman, combining breathtaking scenery with some unusual local attractions, including a Grizzly Bear Sanctuary. Read More

  • A relatively short drive, Jackson Creek Loop begins in Bozeman, combining a spectacular canyon on I-90, Jackson Creek Road, and Bridger Canyon.
  • Stop by the Grizzly Bear Sanctuary to view orphan grizzlies and learn more about these magnificent animals. 
  • End the loop with a hike or ski in Bridger Canyon.


Only an hour of driving time, the Jackson Creek Loop combines spectacular mountain scenery with unusual local attractions, including a Grizzly Bear Sanctuary.  After experiencing attractions 'off the beaten path', many end the loop with a hike or wildlife viewing in Bridger Canyon.

The Route
Begin in Bozeman, heading east on I-90.  After approximately five miles, you will enter into a high-sided canyon where the highway, the Northern Pacific railroad, and Rocky Creek are all squeezed between the jagged spires surrounding Frog Rock.  After taking the Jackson Creek exit, the main Jackson Creek Road continues north and westward, surrounded by spectacular mountain countryside and views of the Bridger Mountains. The road ends in the heart of beautiful Bridger Canyon.  Turn right to the north for a short drive to the Bridger Bowl ski area. If you continue a few miles to the left and southwest, you will complete the loop in Bozeman.


Montana Grizzly Encounter Rescue and Education Sanctuary
Shortly after you turn onto Jackson Creek Road, stop by the Grizzly Bear Sanctuary.  Created by a wildlife biologist, the sanctuary offers a home for orphan grizzly bears who would not survive on their own in the wild. Open daily from 9am to 7pm, you may drive into the viewing area to see and learn about these impressive creatures. A small fee is required, with all proceeds going to the care of the Grizzly Bears and educational outreach.   

Bridger Canyon
Bridger Canyon offers both locals and visitors ample outdoor recreation opportunity.  Popular activities include a variety of hiking, skiing in the winter, and world famous bird-watching.  Please see our section on Bridger Canyon for more detailed information.


All of the roads included in the Jackson Creek Loop are open throughout the year.  However, this stretch of I-90 can be quite hazardous during early spring, winter, and late fall, due to ice on the road.  Drive with caution according to conditions.