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Bozeman Trail System

The Bozeman Trail System consists of 45 miles of beautiful trails connecting walkers to schools, businesses, parks, as well as rivers and lakes in the city limits of Bozeman, Montana.

  • Popular Bozeman trails include Bozeman Pond Trail, Chris Boyd Trail, Gallagator Trail, and Highland Ridge Trail.
  • Maps of the Bozeman Trail System are available for $2 at Gallatin Valley Land Trust Office in Bozeman.
  • Please stay on the trail and off private property and respect wildlife.


Visitors and locals enjoy year-round exercising and a greater sense of community on the Bozeman Trail System, trekking, biking, and cross-country skiing from “Main Street to Mountains” on 45 miles of trails.


Maps of the Bozeman Trail System are available for $2 at the Gallatin Valley Land Trust Website or at their office in Bozeman. They offer a few free maps for download as well.

Popular Bozeman Hiking Trails

  • Bozeman Pond Trail
  • Chris Boyd Trail
  • Gallagator Trail
  • Highland Ridge Trail
  • Painted Hills Trail
  • Story Mill Spur Trail (map)

Additional Information

The City of Bozeman recommends those who enjoy the Bozeman Trail System observe Trail Safety and Etiquette:

  • Everyone:
    Stay on the trail and off private property
    Respect Wildlife
    Don't cut switchbacks
    Pick up litter and report trail maintenance needs
  • Cyclists:
    Yield to pedestrians and slower traffic
    Slow down on hidden corners on Bozeman bike trails
    Warn others and slow down when passing people
  • Dog Owners:
    Keep dogs in control
    Dogs must be leashed in required areas
    Clean up after dogs

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