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Absaroka Mountains

The Absaroka Mountains are located in Montana and are part of the eastern Rocky Mountains. They run for over one hundred miles offering a range of activities and recreation opportunities for all ages.

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  • At 13. 153 feet, Francs Peak is the highest point in the range.
  • The mountain lake fishing is some of Montana's finest, with crystalline alpine lakes filled with cutthroat, brook, rainbow, and golden trout. 
  • There are plenty of designated campgrounds as well as unlimited informal campsites to appease any outdoor enthusiast.


The Absaroka Mountain Range lies within protected lands, showcasing forested stretches of rugged peaks that nestle numerous alpine lakes. A network of trails offers easy access across the terrain for the bustiling activity that takes place in the summer months.


A sub-range of the eastern Rockies, the Absaroka Mountains run 150 miles through Wyoming and Montana, eventually reaching the eastern side of Yellowstone National Park.


Accessible year-round, the Absaroka Mountains offer a playground for seasonal activities such as hiking and backcountry skiing.  Roads are open by early June and high trails are snow free by early July.  Snow returns in early September.


At over 13,000 feet, Francs Peak comes in on top as the highest peak in the range.  There are also 46 other peaks that exceed 12,000 feet. 

The Abasaroka Mountains are drained by the Yellowstone River and various other tributaries, such as the Bighorn River.  Hundreds of miles of inter-connected trails lead through lush forests opening up to spectacular views of towering jagged peaks, vast and vulnerable plateaus, and a variety of alpine lakes that are scattered throughout the range.

The mountain lake fishing is some of Montana's finest, with crystalline alpine lakes filled with cutthroat, brook, rainbow, and golden trout. 

Backpacking and hiking are all popular activities within the mountain range, with an extensive trail system weaving through the mountain sides.  The vastness of the mountain and the miles of hikeable terrain ensure solitude throughout all or at least a good portion of the hike.

Camping in or around the mountains is excellent, whether staying for a few nights or a week.  There are plenty of designated campgrounds as well as unlimited informal campsites.


  • The range is named after the Absaroka Indians, meaning "children of the large-beaked bird."
  • Absaroka range is easy to access during the summer, but closed to visitors during the rest of the year.
  • This is Grizzly Bear country, so be sure and take appropriate precautions!

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