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Manhattan Montana Activities

On your vacation travel, you should stop in Manhattan, Montana to experience the best of the Old West. You'll find outdoor activities abound, as well as the charm and hospitality of this fine western town. Bring the whole family at any time of year for the best in vacation adventures.

Travel through southwestern and south central Montana is sure to be a vacation to beat all others, and the small western town of Manhattan will only add to your pleasure. Surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of a number of mountain ranges, and open potato and dairy farms, you'll be surprised at the stunning scenery.

You'll love the colorful leaves in the autumn, standing on the banks of the river and trying your hand at fly-fishing. You can take off into the wild backcountry of the Bridger Range for some hiking or backpacking in the summer. You have easy access to some of the best national forests in our nation, with Yellowstone National Park and Lewis and Clark Caverns not far away. In the cold winter months, skiing and snowboarding is the favorite pastime at the Big Sky Ski Resort and at Bridger Bowl. In Manhattan you can also enjoy the Potato Festival in the late summer.