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Gardiner, Montana History

Gardiner, Montana has a frontier history, fascinating to those who love discovering the truths of the Old West. Discover the past in Gardiner before moving on to tour Yellowstone. Read More

Gardiner Town History

Founded in 1880, Gardiner became a center of activity for visitors to the region, serving as the original, and only year-round entrance to the park. Gardiner has survived a rough and tumble existence of gold rushes, the railroad, and even destructive fires. A tough little frontier town, it fed and sheltered miners, entertained the early soldiers who operated Yellowstone Park, and learned to host the pioneer visitor. Gardiner has matured, tempered, and grown to meet the needs of today's visitors. It is a good place to spend some rich time in history, in the heart of some of the west's finest country.

- content from Gardiner Chamber of Commerce

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