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Ennis, Montana is surrounded by 3 million acres of publicly accessible forest land, making it a prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all types. Within these pristine 3 million acres lie 3 majestic mountain ranges: the Madison Range, the Gravelly Range, and the Tobacco Root Mountains. The combination of forested mountains along with access to the beautiful Madison River, yields exceptional opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, biking, whitewater rafting and kayaking, hunting, and wildlife viewing.

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Considered the fly fishing capital of the world, Ennis offers first-class trout fishing on the Madison River. Anglers from all over the country migrate to Ennis to put their casting and tying skills to the test. With breathtaking scenery in every direction, even the most novice fisherman will feel as if he stepped into a scene from A River Runs Through it.

The Ennis National Fish Hatchery raises 6 different strains of rainbow trout that are responsible for producing 23 million eggs a year. These eggs are used for stocking in rivers and streams throughout the United States.

In addition to fishing, the Madison River offers whitewater for rafters and kayakers. There are also many mellow sections of the river, suitable for family float trips and canoeing. Professional guides are always available to show you the ropes and provide you with a unique and informative experience.

If you'd rather keep you feet out of the water and on a trail, Ennis offers spectacular hiking and camping sure to tempt even the most diehard fisherman. Trail maps of the surrounding forests and mountain ranges can be obtained at the Ennis Chamber of Commerce or the Madison River Station. Maps cost around $4 and up.

Mountain biking options are also abundant in Ennis. The varied terrain and uncrowded trails make biking in Ennis an adventurous and pleasurable experience.

Whether you're on a boat, a bike, or on foot, wildlife viewing is virtually inescapable. Keep your eyes peeled for grizzlies, elk, trumpeter swans, mountain goats, deer, and many more. Take precautions when viewing wildlife so as not to disturb them or put yourself in danger.

As a cowboy town, Ennis also provides an Old West flavor with lively boardwalks on the weekends. Modern amenities such as movie theaters and playhouses are also available in downtown Ennis. Whether you're looking for adventure or to get away from it all, Ennis has fun for everyone.  

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