Bozeman Montana Outdoors, Wilderness Outfitters


Wilderness Outfitters

There is a wide variety of backcountry activities available in Bozeman, Montana. Local guides can take you on a tour of the backcountry via horseback, on foot, or on a bike during the summer. Other guides can help you enjoy the solitude of winter with a backcountry tour via skis or a snowmobile or snowcoach in the winter.

No matter what your preference when it comes to outdoor activities, you can find it in Bozeman, Montana. From backpacking and hiking guides and tours to backcountry outfitters or climbing guides and instruction, any activity or skill that you wish to pursue is in within easy reach in Montana.

The Big Sky country is filled with mountains to climb, rivers to navigate, trails to explore and scenery to enjoy. From horse packing outfitters, to llama trips and tours, to whitewater rafting – if it is adventurous, it is an activity found in Montana.

Come, enjoy the great outdoors, and take home memories that will last a life time.

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